Headphones Better than Beats by Dre

Beats by Dre has been popular for a while and many people consider this as one of the best headset for audiophiles. Well, it is not entirely true. Just because you often heard people speak about it does not mean that it is going to be the best headphones for you.


There are many people have not realized it but there are actually tons of better headphones sold in the market nowadays. Is there any better headphone than Beats by Dre? The answer is absolutely Yes. Well, the first reason is that Beats by Dre is not as great as people promoted it. They are kind of headphones that you will receive as a birthday present and you want to put it on Craiglist ad to sell.


I won’t expose the downsides any further. You can easily find them on the internet. Put it simply, there are better beats alternatives which allow you to spend less for something better. But I am not going to give you the long list of units. Instead, I only share some of them.
Beyerdynamic T51i Portable Headphones
Coming in silver and black, this is definitely a headset for audiophiles. I pick this one because I am a style conscious. At a glance you will fall in love with the stylish looks for sure. The Sound produced from this headset max out all the details in the music. It has a solid build from metal headband. Some heavy users love this headphone since it is sturdy and durable. You can even wear it when on the go.


Sennheiser HD 25-1



Sennheiser HD25-1, despite of the price, has been used by many people including top DJ’s around the world. For audiophiles, Sennheiser brand is not arguable anymore. You probably know this brand a lot and you will have peace of mind for the quality and design offered. MAny professional DJs use these because they travel a lot and they want to be accommodated while on the go. If they love this, why shouldn’t you?


Sony MDR – 1ABT


If wired headphone is not your thing, then you can choose this bluetooth headphones. These are one of the most fascinating headphones in term of style and design. And the unit is also one of the best bluetooth headphones sold in the market recently. The dimension of the unit is not too small or too big. The size is perfect for average user. It is not only fashion-focused unit, but also entertainment. Without cable hassles you, you will have the freedom to use this anytime anywhere you want.
Koss PortaPro Headphones
For budget conscious, these are the most perfect headphones for you. They cost under $40 on any online store and you can get them easily. It is one of the best and most competitive priced headphones around the world. The brand itself, PortaPro, has been around since 90s and maintain that time design with a little change. If retro design is your thing, these headsets are definitely for you.


How to Get the Most out of a Folding Bike

Want to get the most results from your exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike with pulse? Make sure to have a workout plan. The right exerpeutic upright exercise bike workout will get you in shape fast.

Whether you’re a beginner or a serious cyclist, make sure to follow these tips for the best cardio workout:

Work hard. Don’t slack off—your two-year-old might be convinced you’re still “exercising”, but your body knows it’s not burning as many calories as it should.

Recover hard, too. Don’t push so hard that you get injured. Build up your exercise bike workout gradually so your body has time to build up strength. If you’re new to exercise or to biking, always alternate cycling days with off or cross-training days, and don’t do more than three exercise bike workouts a week for the first month.

Create variety. At the gym, that’s the instructor’s job. At home, it’s yours. Don’t do the same workout every time you get on your bike – you’ll die of boredom, and give up. Instead, come up with a plan to keep yourself entertained.

Eat right before. Don’t exercise on an empty stomach and expect to get results—but a too-full stomach is bad, too. Best pick? A healthy 200-calorie snack about an hour before exercising—peanut butter on whole-grain toast, for example. In the morning, a banana and a couple of dates will get you moving.

Eat right after. For one thing, your body needs nutrients to rebuild muscle. For another, there’s no point burning 300 calories if you’re going to just eat 1000 after your workout. Go for a combination of carbs (whole grains and vegetables) and protein within an hour of your exercise bike cardio workout. If you can’t eat a full meal that soon after you exercise, have a healthy snack within half an hour then a full meal within two.
Recumbent Exercise Bike |  Workouts


If you have a recumbent bike, it’s a great tool for fitness. Gauge your progress based on how hard you think you’re working. Many people find recumbent exercise bikes more comfortable than upright exercise bikes, which means they can last on them longer—which means they burn more calories. Think about it when you’re choosing a bike.


Exercise Bike  | Workout Programs


Get your cardio in with the right exercise bike workout. That means planning ahead, staying motivated and sticking to your program. Make it easier by varying your workouts and building them into your calendar—don’t skip a workout because you’re tired. Make it a rule that, barring flu or major illness, you have to get on the bike for 10 minutes before you’re allowed to skip a workout. Most times, you’ll keep going.


The best exercise workout program is one that works for you. But you should make sure to build in variety, to keep your brain and your body occupied. Did you know your body gets used to doing the same workout over and over again? That means it gets good at it, so it can do it with less effort—and less calories burned. Trick your metabolism by changing things up.


Interval Workouts


One effective way to burn calories and fat fast is to do intervals. This means alternating slow and fast cycling. Try warming up then alternating 3 minutes slow with 2 minutes fast. By fast, we mean so fast you can’t hold a conversation. Alternate between the two at least four times.


Long Workouts


Get your body used to the bike by building in longer and longer workouts. Maybe in the beginning you can only manage 15 minutes—that’s fine. Next time, go for 16 or 17. Just don’t make your interval workouts and your long workouts the same. Eventually, your long rides might be twice as long as your shorter ones. That means some days, you do half an hour easy. Some days, you do half an hour of intervals. Other days, you do a moderate 60 minutes.




Many people find it easier to follow an exercise bike workout when someone’s telling them what to do. That’s fine. If you can’t make it to a spinning class, then create one in your own home by buying an exercise bike workout DVD. You can get one for the cost of only one or two drop-in spinning workouts.

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What It Takes To Buy The Right PC Monitors

It is quite likely that the monitor which is being used by your right now could be old and could have even become obsolete as far as technology is concerned. Hence, it is quite likely that you will be on the lookout for a suitable replacement.

Buying the right pc monitors is not an easy job because there are so many options and alternatives available out there. This could lead to confusion and indecision. Hence before buying computer monitors, there is a need to do the right kind of research even if it takes some time and effort. Here are a few things which you must always keep in mind and only then should you move forward and buy these monitors. If you are looking for a gaming monitor for console like gaming monitor for xbox one, then these things may not matter entirely.

The technology pertaining to computer monitors has advanced quite a bit and if you are well informed you certainly can buy the right monitor which is reasonably priced, technologically advanced among other things.

Price Is The Most Important Attribute

 As is the case with most other electronic items, there is no doubt that price plays a big role when it comes to buying monitors for PC. If you still go by old technology you can buy the CRT monitors which come for a few hundred dollars or even less. On the other hand if you are ready to pay a bit more you could choose modern and sophisticated LCD monitors, which are always a better buy. They are more energy efficient, radiate lesser heat and therefore are considered very environment and eco-friendly.

Pixel Response Rate

 The response rate of pixels is another important factor which must be taken into account when it comes to buying monitors. The response rate is measured in milliseconds and it is the time for the pixel to change from white to black and vice versa. It also is about changing from one shade of gray to another shade. It is always better to go in for a monitor with higher pixels because the quality of images will be much better.

Apart from the above there are other factors to be also taken into account. These include the contrast, color depth and image resolution. You need to research quite a bit to get the right information on the above parameters. You could also spend some time understanding more about the display and control functions.

There are many LCD monitors which come with remote touch functions and it would be worthwhile to have a closer look at them. You also must try and buy monitors which have multimedia display and they should be able to support gaming activities. There are other important aspect too which must be taken into account such as aspect ratio, active shutter technology, contrast ratio, ability to display a full gamut of colors and much more.

Therefore you must spend some time gathering knowledge and information and then deciding as to which monitor is best based on specific needs and requirements. It is a process which must be done leisurely and one should not hurry through the process under any circumstances.

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